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About Us
Our team of professional and trained consultants help customers make right decisions at every step from the initiation to the completion of their home search.

What We Do

We empower the customers with an ability to mathematically measure the impact of different choices before making any decision. In a world where facts are chosen to suit interpretations, Our algorithms offer accurate recommendations by sifting through vast knowledge banks comprising real time market data and historical decisions of many home buyers, curated by industry experts. While we search the best options for you, you focus on filling the new home with your dreams.

Home Buying Decision

Our primary research team, data scientists, etc. work every day to get you the latest data from the market and most importantly their implication on you. At our knowledge centres, our systems process terabytes of data to get you the accurate recommendations. Our consultants undergo rigorous training of the markets as well as ethics before they finally get an access to our knowledge centre and eventually to our customers. Every advice is designed to be backed with hours of research work by our teams. We strive to bring to the table everything that a potential buyer should know to make an informed decision. Owing to the transparency in the information, our consultation is always unbiased. Our consultants merely get the complete relevant information to the buyer’s doorstep and help them assess the implication of any decision. We help you in making the best home buying decision.

How We Do This?

Our financial consulting team helps you get through the first step of choosing the right price segment. Based on your lifestyle, current and future earnings, eligibility, they help you close down on a range of price segment. This ensures that the entire home buying process is on the right track since the beginning. Our consultants then discuss your requirements with you and run them through our systems. We internally generate a personalised report which objectively filters suggestions. Every report generation happens through our algorithms which perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis on your requirements, lifestyle, personality type, etc. Our systems are designed to factor in a variety of parameters which a potential buyer might not consider while searching for a home. After a mutual discussion between the potential buyers and our consultants, the shortlist is agreed upon and the visits are scheduled. The system maps an optimum route for the visits and the customers are always accompanied with our consultants who share all the latest information about the property during every visit. Upon selection of a property, we help the buyers structure a deal and get the best possible rate for the given payment terms. The ensuing paperwork for home loans, registration, etc. is also taken care of by our teams wherever possible. Post purchase, the status of the development, resolution of grievances, if any, is also looked after by a dedicated team. Until you move into your home, our teams are constantly in touch with you making the entire home buying experience hassle free.

How We Can Help!

You just need to give your contact details and our professional and trained team will take over to guide you through the entire process and serve you at your doorstep. Every home search begins with selecting a few options and then zeroing down on one. Sometimes during finalization, buyers realise that the options in consideration had been wrong all the while rendering all the efforts on search, finalization, etc. a waste of time. Most of the times financial miscalculations, not factoring an important life decision in the future, etc. leads those buyers to either abort the search or revert to the first step again. We at Dwello realise the importance of every step in the search process as well as the value of our customers’ time. Our teams are trained and systems designed to adapt to different scenarios presented by different buyers. Since our scientific methods allow us to treat every buyer differently, we offer unique experience to every potential buyer through objective consultation.
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What is Dwello?
Dwello is a new way to buy home. In a world where facts are chosen to suit interpretations, our algorithms offer accurate recommendations by sifting through vast knowledge banks comprising real time market data and historical decisions of many home buyers, curated by industry experts.
Dwello, for every home buyer, is a way to go from 'I feel' to 'I know', at no extra cost.
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