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Things to Know About Delhi Before Moving There
Things to Know About Delhi Before Moving There
It is always advisable to thoroughly research and plan to ensure a hassle-free relocation. Have a look at this article as it helps you with a checklist of components that you should research and plan accordingly.

Delhi is a Union Territory situated beside the river Yamuna. It was the capital of two great empires known for controlling large parts of South Asia till the 19th Century - the Mughal Empire and the Delhi Sultanate. Delhi and the regions under it are known to be top-notch commercial and cultural regions. Besides, it is transforming into a well-planned city with a housing market that offers the best housing at affordable rates.

There could be several reasons for relocating to 'Dilwalon ki Dilli'. Whatsoever the reason may be, it is always advisable to thoroughly research and plan to ensure a hassle-free relocation. This article helps you with a checklist of components that you should research and plan accordingly.

General Information

As fancy as it seems to locate in a new city, it is essential to gather general information about the city. If you're more inclined towards your decision to relocate to Delhi, make sure you find all the relevant information accurately and plan accordingly.


One needs to know if one can adapt to the climatic conditions of a city that could be similar or different. Know their monthly and yearly weather conditions like rainfall, humidity, warmth, etc. Such bits of information help you to understand if you can manage the climatic conditions of Delhi or any city.

Delhi is in Northern India, with a temperature varying between 2°C to 48°C and an average temperature of 25°C. There are rare instances where snow has fallen in Delhi, and the temperature dropped to minus. Monsoons in Delhi majorly take place between July to September, during which there is an increase in humidity. Heavy fog occurs in the region during winter (late November to early February).


Unless you've physical constraints or there is a pandemic, there is no reason why you cannot commute. Choosing a place of accommodation, work, and study, along with getting around the city, involves commutation. Everyone wants it at their doorstep, convenient and cheaper (even if the distance is far off). Calculate an approximate distance, time, traffic, and expenses covered.

Delhi offers one of the finest transit systems and infrastructures in India. It comprises:

  • Delhi Metro is the world's 10th-largest metro system. Also the fastest and most efficient transit system in Delhi.
  • Delhi Transport Corporation operates the world's highest amount of CNG-fuelled buses in Delhi.
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport - the most-awarded airport in India for serving the best experience.
  • Several National Highways connect to Delhi, including the Golden Quadrilateral.
  • A major railway junction that holds six railway terminals.

Culture and Demographics

One cannot survive in a new city without getting along with Delhi's native and non-native residents. You need to understand the demographics, culture followed, cuisine, and language spoken in the city.

The majority of the population in Delhi speaks Hindi, followed by English, Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Urdu. Predominantly, Hindus are in large numbers. Followed by Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and Sikhism.

Job Opportunities

One of the reasons that account for your relocation is your job. It's either that you have a job already in hand and moving to Delhi to work remotely, you've got a job opportunity to work in Delhi, or you've to find one in case finding a job in Delhi wasn't your top priority.

There are plenty of well-paying job opportunities in Delhi for blockchain experts, investment bankers, data scientists, software developers, and corporate lawyers, to name a few.

Education System

If you or someone along you (e.g. your child) is looking forward to pursuing their studies, you should thoroughly research, short-list, visit, and finalize the apt education institute.

At present, Delhi houses schools administered by either the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), or the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). It also houses renowned institutions like AIIMS, JNU, and Jamia Millia Islamia.


Pollution is one of the parameters of safety and health. Less pollution in a city means a resident's health is at no risk.

But in a city like Delhi, which constantly has a record of being the most polluted city in India, one needs to rethink and be completely prepared to tackle the pollution and live.

Crime Rates

For your safety, check the crime rates of every nook and corner of a city by visiting its official website and approaching a local law enforcement official so that you're aware of the safest residential and refugee areas.

To know about the crime rates and other crucial details, visit

Affordability and Liveability

Check if the cost of living in the desired city is within or beyond your reach. For this, avoid checking your salary and estimating your budget. Compare the Cost of Living of your desired city with other top cities in India. The parameters include expenditure on groceries, transportation, housing, education, and leisure.

According to Mercer's Cost of Living Index Report 2022, Delhi ranks 155th among the 200+ cities surveyed. However, it also makes Delhi the second-most expensive city to live in, as Mumbai ranks 127th and is the only Indian city to rank above Delhi in the same survey.

Civic Administration

It is crucial to know and understand the governance administering the desired city, rules, regulations, policies, and taxes under the same. At present, Delhi has three municipalities with their governing apparatus. Among them is the Municipal Corporation of Delhi which stands to be one of the largest municipal bodies in the world with a population above 11 million.

Housing Market

Whether you relocate for a short or long period, remember to check the housing market. Check the average carpet rate per sq. ft. and rent rates for the desired size, location, and time you'll spend. After which, determine whether you want to purchase a new home or stay on rent.

Proximity to Friends and Family

Is the desired home close to your friend(s)/family(ies) house? You should be able to reach your friends/family in the city in case you face an emergency or a problem and need support and backing.

Health Care

One of the factors to know whether the city is healthy and safe is the healthcare facilities provided for the same.

In India, like most cities, Delhi has health facilities divided into two segments - one run by Private individuals and firms and the other by the Government. And generally, in Delhi, private hospitals are better than government-run in terms of the facilities provided. Pharmacies and Clinics are in plenty.

Max Super Speciality, Indraprastha Apollo, and Fortis Escorts are some of the top hospitals in Delhi.

Moving Costs

While it may seem that the liveability in a city like Delhi is affordable, keep in mind the relocation costs, rates for packers and movers, personal traveling expenses, buying new items if needed, insurance, etc. The cost can reduce if the relocation is intercity or interstate. However, if international, the cost skyrocket. Whatsoever the cost may be, in the end, it should be worth the effort it takes to relocate to a new city.

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