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Here's your guide to buying a green home
Here's your guide to buying a green home
Today, with design and science, both touching new heights, having an environmentally friendly home is much more affordable. Here are some things you can keep in mind while buying a new house.

Its high time we are held accountable for all the choices we make. Our lifestyle bears a grave consequence for the environmental, and more often than not, this escapes our notice. Choosing a home responsibly goes a long way for both you and your family, and for the planet. Green buildings and eco-friendly homes have been around for a while, but it's also true that these options were mostly reserved for the uber rich. Today, with design and science, both touching new heights, having an environmentally friendly home is much more affordable. Here are some things you can keep in mind while buying a new house. Remember, the greenway is the right way to go.

1. Choose smaller homes

The idea of a more compact home might collide with your idea of a dream home, but the truth is that a smaller home is not only more economical, it is also a more sustainable option. Choose a house that can comfortably house your family and support your sustainable lifestyle without costing you too much. This doesn't necessarily mean living in a restrictive space, it means keeping your carbon footprint to the minimal. Living small would also make your home more energy efficient. Each square footage is an investment, so focus on spending on what really matters, as opposed to expanding everywhere.

2. Look into the construction materials

Developers who build green buildings need to be conscious of where their material comes from. As an informed homebuyer, make it a point to question your developer's expertise. Ask if their material comes from recycled products. Several builders opt for fly ash bricks that generate nearly zero waste. Other options are using carpets made out of recycled plastic bottles or even using paper-based countertops made from tree pulp. It is also important to ensure that all the materials used are non-toxic and are locally sourced.

3. Focus on water

Even if your building structure is completely eco-friendly, without an eye on water conservation and wastage, it will all make little sense. Ensure that your building society has a water harvesting system in place, so your residential complex doesn't have to face the perils of summertime water shortages. Coming closer to home, consider using efficient faucet fixtures that can control the water flow. Install dual flush toilets that prevent the massive outpour of water, and allow the resource to be used more sparingly.

4. Be energy smart

Having a steady stream of natural light is not just good for your electricity bill, it is also proven to have a positive impact on the human psyche. Allow sunlight to flood in and make good use of the light. Have mirrors and airy interiors that let the light penetrate your living spaces. Opt for energy saving lighting fixtures and bulbs that don't rake up massive electricity bills. Make sure your interiors are designed to allow maximum ventilation. While you can't stop the use of fans and air conditioners altogether, this would definitely reduce the need for power consuming electronics. Installing solar panels would eliminate the need for a high energy consuming heater as well.

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