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Things to look out for before moving into a new neighbourhood
Things to look out for before moving into a new neighbourhood
Here are some things you should definitely check off your list, before finalizing on a new neighbourhood.

There is a lot of planning involved in the process of buying a new home. We don't mean just financial planning, but also the kind that goes behind narrowing down to a new neighbourhood. It's easy to miss out on some key factors, while you're on the hunt for your perfect home. Here are some things you should definitely check off your list, before finalizing on a new neighbourhood.

1. Low crime rate

The safety and wellbeing of your family is the most important thing and moving into a neighbourhood where crime is rampant would only make your life difficult. Apart from the usual asking around, try to access the recent crime statistics of your potential neighbourhood. Also, be sure to know where your closest police station is located at, so you can be well prepared at a time of an emergency.

2. Emergency services & open areas at close proximity

How far is your new home going to be from the fire department, or how near is the closest emergency room, are important questions to ask while buying a new home. Make sure that an open area is also close by, in case of the advent of a fire or an earthquake. All of this will come handy at a time of crisis, and its always better to know beforehand. In some suburbs, a lot of these facilities are a little far-flung.

3. Good educational institutions

Having schools and colleges of good quality in your locality is a bonus. Not only would it come handy if you or any other member of your family are interested in pursuing your academics, but having good educational facilities around will boost the value of your property. It also raises

4. Retail necessities

Having enough retail stores that cater to all your needs is an absolute necessity, for you to run your household seamlessly. Be mindful of everything you would need on a daily or a weekly basis and scoop your potential neighbourhood out accordingly.

5. An easy commute to work

As attractive as your new neighbourhood might be, it will frustrate you to no end if the commute to your workplace is long and tiresome. Check for public transport options near your potential new house, and also take note of what the traffic is like at peak hours.

6. Recreational amenities

It's important to have enough recreational options for when you want to spend time outdoors. From parks to movie theatres, from restaurants to community centres, these are all essential spaces for other human interaction and entertainment.

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