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What you need to know about Co-operative Housing Societies
What you need to know about Co-operative Housing Societies
In this three part series about Co-operative Housing Societies we tell you about the membership rules, your rights and duties.

Co-operative housing societies (CHS) help to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of the society along with initiating any redevelopment process as per the norms of the authority. The Maharashtra Cooperative Society Act 1960 (MCS Act) governs these societies in the state.

Under the Act, a housing society is free to adopt its own set of laws that govern its members, called byelaws, but there are certain things that remain constant and you should be aware of. We've listed them below.

Who is a member?

Any person joining the cooperative society as per the bye-laws and by submitting an application for registration is known as a member once accepted. There are two types of members in a cooperative housing society, namely -

Active member: An active member is the one who has purchased and owns a Flat / Unit in the Society. He/She attends at least one General Body Meeting and has paid the society charges in the previous five consecutive years.

Associate member: An associate member jointly holds a share of the society with others, but whose name is not first in the share certificate. He/she can vote and participate in elections but cannot become an office-bearer of the society where his name appears as an associate member in the society register.

Nominal member: A Nominal Member means a person who does not hold the right, title and interest in the property individually or jointly admitted to Membership as such after registration.

Eligibility for membership

  • Competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872;
  • A firm, co-operative society, company or any other body corporate constituted under any law;
  • A society registered, or deemed to be registered, under the MCS Act 1960;
  • The State Government or the Central Government;
  • A local authority;
  • A public trust registered under any law for the time being in force for the registration of such trusts.
  • A minor or a person of unsound mind, inheriting shares and/or interest of the deceased member in the capital/property of the society, or if nominated may be eligible for admission to membership of the Society through his guardian or legal representative.
  • Admission of a person to membership of the society direct or as a result of transfer of shares and interest of the existing member, subject to the approval of the concerned competent authorities.
  • Admission of firms and companies to membership of the society and holding of flats by them shall be regulated in accordance with the notifications issued by the State Government from time to time.

Read about the rights and liabilities of a member here


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