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Babla Compound / Hanuman Mandir

Near Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi - Nizampur, North East Zone, Mumbai

Gopal Nagar

Near Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi - Nizampur, North East Zone, Mumbai

Jakat Naka

Near Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi - Nizampur, North East Zone, Mumbai

Power House

Near Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi - Nizampur, North East Zone, Mumbai


How many Bus stops are there in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi?

There are about 4 Bus stops in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi

Which are top Bus stops in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi?

Following are the top Bus stops in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi:
  • Babla Compound / Hanuman Mandir
  • Gopal Nagar
  • Jakat Naka
  • Power House

Which are other places in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi to visit?

There are various places available in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi:
  • 4+ Bus stops

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